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There's no one-size-fits-all approach to 340B solutions. You do not have to take risks to maximize your savings with Tango. We are committed to providing customized solutions designed to achieve financial transparency, accountability and results.


With our pharmacy network contracting expertise, Tango will oversee your pharmacy negotiations and find a customized solution to optimize your 340B program. Our pharmacy providers meet each entity’s specific goals while providing patient access to 340B medications.

  • Contract Pharmacy Network (CPN)

  • Retail Pharmacy

  • Specialty Pharmacy

  • CE Portal with Reporting & Customization

    Our fully integrated portal provides full transparency into your program.

  • Audit & Compliance

    Tango implements and maintains 340B program compliance while preparing clients for the future audits.

  • Financial Controls & Insights

    A custom financial dashboard allows you to view your invoices, inventory, discounts, and reported savings in one place, while using your own data to find new cost savings.

  • Inventory & Eligilibity Management

    Inventory management ensures precise levels of 340B medications and automatic stock replenishment.

  • Cash Card

    Uninsured patients, cash-paying patients, and patients who are in need of financial assistance can use Tango's Cash Card to obtain the medications they need at prices they can afford.

  • Split Billing

    Split Billing separates 340B and non-340B patient transactions to optimize savings on qualified transactions without compromising your compliance.

Contact Us For A Free Consultation Today

Contact Us For A Free Consultation Today

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