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Our Services

A Better Administrator Leads to Results. Quality administrators are beneficial to all stakeholders. By providing solutions and simplified processing we’ve been able to save partners more than $1 Million in their first year.

Pharmacy Services

  • Retail Pharmacy

    We will connect you to the best retail pharmacy to expand your network, increase your capture rate, maximize savings and improve patient experience.

  • Contract Pharmacy Network (CPN)

    We will help you capture eligible 340B prescriptions filled at retail chain and independent pharmacies.

  • In-House Pharmacy

    In-house 340B pharmacies can signifigcantly drive better financial performance, maximize operational efficiency, and maintain regulatory compliance.

  • Specialty Pharmacy

    Discover savings by utilizing our specialty pharmacy network.

Management Services

  • Eligibility

    Use our eligibility management tool to maximize your capture rate.

  • Inventory

    Maintain precise levels of 340B medications by automating stock replenishment.

  • Workflow

    Track your medication activity in one place, from prescription to payment.

  • Risk

    Take comfort in our team of experts and solutions ability to meet constantly evolving regulations.

Tango Care Card

Tango Care Card

The Tango Cash Care Card program provides a conduit for covered entities to pass-along the 340B discounts to their low income and uninsured patients.

Making the medications more affordable can help to improve patient compliance and outcomes, and can help hospitals to reduce their hospital readmission rates and avoid penalties.

Additional Services

  • Audit & Compliance

    Prepare for future audits while maintaining 340B program compliance.

  • Financial Control & Insights

    Use a custom financial dashboard to view your financial status in real time.

  • Split Billing

    Separate 340B and non-340B patient transactions.

Contact Us For A Free Consultation Today

Contact Us For A Free Consultation Today

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